Fun Home Accessories Your Family Will Love

We all want our homes to feel – well, homey. That means finding the perfect details and accessories that reflect our personalities and loves. And let’s face it, if we truly want our homes to feel warm, welcoming, and enjoyable, they need to express a bit of fun and humor too, right?

But not all of us are gifted with the creativity to know what kinds of details and accessories to add to create the “this is us” effect in our homes.

So, to help get your creative juices flowing, here are some ideas for fun accessories to add to your home to bring in some personality and laughter. Best of all, it’s amazing how little, rather inexpensive things can go a long way in adding some needed personality.

Involve the kids in the decision making and really create a home that screams your family’s name from the front door entrance to the back-yard fence.

Shut the Front Door!

Your opportunity to make a first impression, introduce folks to your quirky family, and be glad that you are finally home at the end of a long day start right outside your door. Which is why doormats actually can play quite an important role!

We’ve all seen the sweet doormats that ooze with “Welcomes” and last names, but what about funny doormats that crack you (and guests) up before you’ve even entered your home?

You would not believe the hilarious and unique mats that are out there. Let the destressing begin before you even open the door with funny welcome mats that match you and your family’s personality.

Nothing says “welcome” like a good laugh, such as might be inspired by a mat reading “The neighbors have better stuff” or one that reflects your forgetful nature like one reading “Keys, Phone, Wallet.” Have an edgier sense of humor? Well, you can find mats with the phrase used for this section’s subheading as well – need we say more?

Ludicrous Loo

Another way to add fun bits of your personality and humor into your home are in the common bathrooms that all the family and guests would use. Little hidden accessories in the bathrooms can add an extra element of delight for guests exactly because they feel like little hidden jokes that are hysterical to discover.

Try decorative yet funny signs that inspire a snicker, like the chic decorative sign we found that reads “changing the toilet paper will not cause brain damage,” or the pretty calligraphed sign inviting guests to “have a nice poop.”

Don’t forget shower curtains! There are an astounding number of unique and hilarious curtains that you can use in your guest bathroom that can still fit with your otherwise beautiful décor. Some have joke silhouettes as if someone (or something) were in the shower, and some have goofy sayings meant to amuse.

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Punny Potted Plants

It’s no secret that potted plants and succulents are in right now. But if you want to add some fun and cheek to your décor, you can easily do so by finding some punny pots – pots that have puns painted on them.

Or, if you have your own plant pun, you can find a blank pot and paint your pun yourself! You will also get the satisfaction of doing it yourself!

Mind-Boggling Book Shelves

Another accessory that can really reflect your personality and sense of humor are some of the crazy bookshelves that are out there now.

Lots of bookshelves present some mind-bending illusions, like this 3-D illusion bookshelf that looks like a Rubik’s Cube, or ones that invisibly suspend books to make them look like they’re falling off the shelf.

Or, if you like to add a touch of nature, you can find (or make) the book shelves that look like a tree with limbs that suspend your books. The options for unique, personality-reflecting book shelves are endless!

We Could Go On

Bottom line – there are a TON of little (or big) accessories that you can add to your home to spice it up and show off your family’s personality and humor in every room. Hopefully this has gotten your creative juices flowing and you can find or create your own fun family touches!

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