Learning About Endangered Animals With Vizulize

Now the Easter holidays are officially over, it’s time to move onto home-schooling which many of us are finding difficult as we don’t know when the schools will reopen. Along with educational lessons, it’s important to keep our children entertained by including fun activities that include learning elements!

Rather than being stuck reading textbooks, I have been looking on the internet for helpful ideas and new learning opportunities. I came across an animal learning quiz created by Vizulize, the quiz is free and features different pixelated animals and fun facts and information about each animal. This is great for the children as they’re still learning but enjoying it at the same time, here are some of the animals we had to guess!

Red panda

We guessed the Red Panda correctly! The red panda is hunted for its fur by China & Myanmar, making it an endangered animal. They’re very acrobatic and have lots of climbing skills!

Green Turtle

word image 2

The green turtle is sadly an endangered animal, which is found in shallow tropical coastal parts of the sea. We learned that It faces issues such as habitat loss and illegal trade.

Black Rhino

word image 3

We guessed this correctly on the second time, as all the answers were a different type of Rhino. We were sad to learn they’re a critically endangered animal in the wild due to being illegally poached for their horns. Their horns are made of keratin, Rhinos usually have two horns, but some develop a small third.

Polar Bear

word image 4

We guessed this correctly! We were surprised to find out that Polar Bears skin is actually black underneath their white fur. They are classed as vulnerable due to climate change, as their ice habitat is melting.

There’s lots more animals on the quiz too for you to figure out! It shows there’s lots of free and fun learning activities online right now that we can take advantage of and keep our children interested. Make sure you share your results using #AnimalKnowledge!

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