How to Workout on the Cheap as a Student

It’s true that students have the best intentions. We’re always up for trying new things and enthusiastic every time a new term comes around to maintain momentum and not leave anything until the last minute. Even with the tendency to slob about, we’re usually eager to get our body working and exercise, at least until that initial run where we finish sweaty and barely able to breathe. Committing the time and effort can be difficult, especially if money is brought into the scenario. But we’ve got a few budget friendly options up our sleeve that could get a student out of bed before midday.

Save with Student Memberships

Whilst the gym can be a huge commitment when you’re a bit of a novice in fitness, you can soften the blow with many gyms offering discounted student rates. With the sparkly machines, assistance in setting up your own personal fitness program and a number of other facilities tagged on at many gyms, including pools, a gym membership can be the kick up the backside you need. No need to fear the expensive monthly direct debit. Make the most of the amazing deals you can get whilst you’re in education and take this as your incentive to kick start your healthier approach to life.

Find Other Deals on Leisure Centres

It’s worth working out and comparing different leisure centres and their individual joining programs. Depending on how much you plan to go, it may even be cheaper to simply pay to use the gym whenever you go rather than becoming a full member. When it comes down to it, you may use the gym twice a week, which could work out as £5 a go when dividing your monthly fee. However, pay as go rates could be much lower and therefore not committing could be more friendly to your bank account. It’s worth checking out My Favourite Voucher Codes, who have deals for companies like Pay as U Gym, which tailors your gym experience to you and how regularly you want to go.

Use Your University Facilities

Discounts at the gym might be all well and good, but you’re likely to be able to use your facilities at your university as much as you like. Even better, accessing it will cost considerably less, or you might even be lucky enough to use it for free. It depends from university to university, but it’s worth investigating for bargain prices. Sure, it may not be as state of the art as public gyms, but really what’s in one treadmill from the next. Pump that iron and, what’s more, put those high tuition fees to good use by making the most of what your campus has to offer.

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Play in Team Sports

University is the perfect time to join a team sport. If that’s more your speed, why not see if you can get involved and play football, rugby, netball or any number of sports. You’ll find that university usually has a vast range of sports societies, from the usual to more obscure choices. Quidditch anyone? It’s harder than it looks!

Consider Ways You Can Exercise for Free

You’re not limited to the confines of the gym. There are plenty of ways to get more active that don’t come with a hefty membership price tag. Running isn’t for everyone but it could be you. With the world at your doorstep, there’s so much open space for you to cover on your run. Find your local park and take the loop around. Start with small distances and work your way up if you’re not confident in your running abilities. It’s all about finding your pace.

You should also consider investing in workout equipment that you can use from the comfort of your own home. Whilst we’re not suggesting going all out and dropping a few grand on a treadmill, exercises with various weights, resistance bands and steps can go a long way to tone and up your fitness levels. A one off payment as opposed to hundreds spent per year on a gym membership, you can even find  Argos Voucher Codes to save you even more on gym balls and more.

Buy Cute Workout Gear to Get Motivated

Do not underestimate the power of a good outfit. Looking the part can help you feel the part and that’s true of sportswear, too. There’s no need to splurge on big name brands either. Get quality sportswear like leggings, shorts, sports bra from high street shops and supermarkets. Argos offer great gear for men and women with their Tu brand. George at Asda is great value for money across all their clothing and have great, matching items for working out.

It’s key to ensure you’re wearing the correct style of clothing for working out. Comfort is key to securing a great performance. That said, you don’t have to invest in top of the range, branded products from the get go. Ensure you can move and breathe in your workout gear and pay a far cheaper price tag.

From finding out the deals available to you to making the most of opportunities exclusive to students, there are lots of way to kick start your new fitness regime. No need to pay an arm and a leg, you can find student friendly options that are friendly to your budget. So get the gear, look the part, and get started.

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