Have You been Paddleboarding Yet?

A good number of us when we travel or vacation look for areas with access to water, sometimes a river or a lake and more often than not an ocean. Being able to enjoy a large body of water is something most of us miss dearly in our daily routines, it would seem. And certainly, you can just go to a body of water and swim in it and have a great time. But paddleboarding is another option for enjoying the water, and it provides many benefits over a mere swim.

Whether you’re using a regular stand-up paddleboard or a more portable (and in many situations more convenient) inflatable model, paddleboarding offers a couple unique benefits to being on the water that swimming doesn’t.

It’s Really All About Perspective

Swimming is an activity that (should go without saying almost) immerses you in the water. Consequently, it’s all about the water. This of course has its benefits, and many people swear by the healthy properties of being in the water.

However, because of this change of perspective, you’re often really not paying attention to the world around you the way you would in a paddleboard. We here encourage you go to out for that first time on that paddleboard, and just take a look around you, see what you can see no other way. This alone makes it worth getting into paddleboarding.

Of course, you could also stand up in a boat, but boats aren’t always available, they are expensive to maintain, they require constant attention when you are out on the water, and you certainly can’t pack one with you in your luggage!

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The Social Factor

When you are swimming, let’s face it, your communication with other human beings is by necessity somewhat limited. On the other hand, if two or more of you are out in paddleboards, you can be engaged in a full conversation as much as you could in any other situation. This allows you to combine being out on the water with being social in a unique way that once again you can only really experience with paddleboards. Paddleboarding also allows people who, say, don’t want to get their hair wet to enjoy the water with everybody else.

For these reasons, and many others, we see paddleboarding as having a strong future, and gaining popularity rapidly in years to come. It truly is a uniquely enjoyable activity. See you out there on the water!

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