You Might Have been Lifting Weights Incorrectly all This Time

A six-year-old boy went to Graz with his father to see Olympic swimming champion Johnny Weissmuller, whose physical power inspired the boy to play soccer. At the age of 13, during his soccer days, the boy went to a local gym with his friends to gain strength, where he ended up picking barbells. This incident laid the foundation of the birth of the phenomenal bodybuilder the world has ever known, Arnold Schwarzenegger. This terminator’s only motive was to morph his six-foot-tall and slender 150 lbs body into something spectacular. The obsession was such that Arnie’s only goal was to become the “most pumped up guy in the world,” which we all know he eventually achieved, with his hard work and dedication. His training sessions were so frequent that his father, Gustav, had to impose a limit on them.

Taking inspiration from Schwarzenegger’s phenomenal build, many young men sweat hard in the gym, but only a few are able to live the dream. The reason is that they fail to understand that bodybuilding is more about concentration and focus, and that lifting weights alone will not help them achieve the best results. It is for this reason that many athletes and bodybuilders are considering cognitive enhancers or brain supplements like Hordenine HCL Powder, which is known to increase the attention span while increasing focus and concentration too, says an expert at Smart Pill Guide.

Why Bodybuilders Need Focus at the Gym gave a perfect example of leg extensions, which tones up the quads, for us to understand the importance of concentration and focus when lifting weights to build muscles. Many of us are under the misconception that more repetitions or sets of an exercise will lead to better toned muscles, quicker. So, we then do multiple repetitions of leg extensions. However, instead of the quads, many end up executing the exercise from the shin and ankle.

An effective lift requires fuller contraction of a muscle, not only during the lift but much before that. The individual should be able to fully contract the muscle without resistance, also known as “posing the muscle,” which requires him to focus entirely on that muscle to draw more blood flow to the target area, while establishing a direct mind-muscle connection, to see the desired results. This is exactly what a nootropic can help with. Brain supplements enhance cognitive function, which in turn helps improve focus and concentration.

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Effective Ways to Stay Focused

To be able to stay focused during a workout, never make the mistake of lifting weights empty stomach, when your energy reserves are low. If you are looking to add some serious mass, ensure the right pre-workout meal and load yourself with sufficient amount of carbohydrates an hour before you hit the gym.

Your goal should be clear, where you should have a clear picture in your mind of how you would like to see your body after such intense workouts. Never let your office problems sneak it when you are holding those heavy dumbbells in the air. A lack of focus in such situations can lead to injury, which can increase the time you’ll take to achieve your dream physique.

Couple your hard work with the benefits of memory pills like Hordenine HCL Powder, with all natural ingredients that have no harmful side effects. To increase your concentration and live the life of a bodybuilder. You can start with a dosage of 30 mg a day and gradually increase it to 50 mg, once you start seeing results.

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