Online Casino Growth and the Future of the Industry

The virtual operators have had ups and downs in different countries around the world. Although the trend has always been towards evolution and social acceptance, even though statistics warn of the millions of dollars that taxes on the industry could bring to the economy, we cannot help but notice that some governments have not always looked kindly on the entertainment of real money slots online gaming industry.

The principle of the industry

The history of online casino began shortly after the birth of the Internet back in the 1960s. It was exactly in the 1970s when some physical casinos started using software to make slot machines work more impressively. The innovation moved from one business to another to allow different land-based casinos to market slots with additional and higher quality functionalities in their system.

This innovative software gave rise to new births of programs for other games of chance. In the mid-90s, when the Internet boom was already being heard all over the world, gaming software was no longer in just a few operators but connected to the same system by machines from different continents. Of course, at that time there was no talk of payment methods or responsible gambling; however, the creators of these programs, with the idea that the flourishing industry would not fall to fraud, dreamed of regulating it.

In 1994 the government of Antigua and Barbuda endorsed the “Free Trade Agreement and Process Zone Act” an official document that accredited it as a regulator of online gambling and allowed it to grant official licenses. Since then other governing bodies have appeared such as the General Directorate of Gaming and the first Online Gaming Court.

In Europe, developers interested in the field joined forces to bring to light companies such as Microgaming -the pioneer of online gambling-, creator of the first casino software that unified players from different countries; and Cryptologic, an Irish firm that was the forerunner of today’s online monetary transactions.

Present situation

The continuous evolution of online gaming has allowed it to consolidate as one of the most assiduous pastimes of the people who consume their leisure hours on the Internet. Through new technologies, lovers of fun in the cloud are not limited to spending time and even money on the best online providers. They come for the need to find the newest games or those old ones that once left them a nice experience; secure payment methods where they can save their finances, and bonuses that allow them to increase the chances of winning and playing time.

In both countries the current bookmakers are emerging everywhere, with a fully functional system that makes you fall in love and leads to new challenges. A personalized attention to each client, interfaces in several languages, free games and bets in the local currency of each territory, help to highlight the benefits of iGaming and allow the public to approach the digital universe.

The future

Looking to the future, virtual gaming portals bring out new trends and software with features that invite you to stay connected.

From mobile technology the online operator takes its autonomy, from the physical casino it takes out the socialization to turn it into tables with live croupiers… the Internet casino takes to its scope facilities of others that guarantee them a greater acceptance.

With a view to the ever-increasing demand for online gambling and the progress of the industry, taking into account other factors such as the generation of employment and the proliferation of e-commerce, countries that used to place limitations on Internet gambling are changing their minds. More benevolent laws are being passed for iGaming, the operation of operators, their financial statements and respect for responsible gambling are being verified. New governing bodies for gambling emerge and renowned international operators are licensed in each country that do not hinder the spread of fair and transparent gambling.

While it is true that there are still regions that have much to do, the future that the online gambling industry is facing is encouraging.

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Best casino bonuses: all you need to know

It is undeniable that today online casinos are very popular for having fun, gambling and winning money. The great number of casinos that exist online can be overwhelming for the user who wants to get started in this world but doesn’t know where to start. To attract potential new players, online casinos offer bonuses for users to try out the platform and become regular users. Therefore, having the best casino bonuses is key.

These bonuses are promotions that the casinos give to the user at the moment of registration. The idea is to encourage the new player to choose the casino over the competition, offering him/her a better incentive. This allows the user to become familiar with the casino and try the games without risking his own money.

This is undoubtedly a very effective strategy to attract users. In addition, it stimulates loyalty with good promotions. For this reason, casinos strive to offer generous and competitive bonuses. Casino Pilot is no exception. That’s why you have to evaluate which one is the most suitable for you.

Types of casino bonuses

Not all casino bonuses are the same. The differences are not only in the amount, but also in the mode. The general idea of the bonus is to offer financial or gambling incentives to improve the user’s experience. There are many types of bonuses.

Thus, we can classify casino bonuses into the most popular ones:

  • Welcome bonuses: this is the main hook to attract new players that online casinos have. That’s why they are usually very attractive percentage bonuses. Basically, it is an additional amount a player has to use inside the casino. It could be from the doubling of a first deposit to many hours of gambling available at a slot machine.
  • No Deposit Bonus: No deposit bonus does not require the player to deposit any money of their own to withdraw their winnings. For this reason, they are usually considerably smaller than welcome bonuses, and are not as frequent. However, you can find good alternatives. They are usually not as high as this one and range around $10, but it is a good way to start in the world of online casinos. The general objective of this bonus is to have a first taste of a game and to have a broad idea of what the casino offers.
  • Free spins: in addition to the welcome bonus, online casinos usually reward users with free spins. In short, the casino lets you use its games for free for a number of turns.
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