Options for Different Types of Cruises

So you’re thinking of going on a cruise? Having a hard time deciding where to go? Let’s look at some options:

Local cruises are cruises that just leave a port and sail around for a few days or go to one particular destination and back. These can be a fun introduction to the cruise world. They are also usually themed, and sometimes centered around a particular hobby or style of music that people love.

There are river cruises for those of you who don’t like the idea of being a long time out on the open ocean. These are good for the frequent stops in cities and towns along the river and allow for much more exploration. Of course as far as cruise experiences with a capital C go, these are a little lightweight, obviously. But they are perfect for many people, and should be considered a good option.

Then there is the tried and true Caribbean cruise. These have various durations, but usually clock in at around the 3 or 4 week mark. These are good if you are fans of the warm weather. Just remember hurricane season runs June through November, and plan accordingly. Of course, this is also a way to get in that cruise on a tight budget.

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For the luxury lovers out there, there are luxury cruises that have you covered. There are even ultra-luxury cruises out there that have insane features and perks, like faucets that dispense champagne!

For the family-oriented cruisers, several cruise lines are now targeting you specifically. Many cruises now feature things such as clubs, areas, and entertainment specifically for children so they feel included in the whole experience. This is not only great for the family, it can also be a money saver, because having someone (even someone in the family) take care of your kids can be a lot more expensive than you ever thought possible.

There are also adventure cruises that tend to take longer and go to more exotic destinations. They usually recommend these for people who have been on at least one previous cruise and know they like the whole cruise experience.

There is one last option that many people would say is the crown jewel, the Holy Grail of all cruises. Cruise the Antarctic and see wonders few humans have laid their eyes on. You need lots of free time and money for this, but people say the experience is the most wonderful thing you could imagine.

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