Why a Home Security System is More Important than Ever

We recently released a guide about a week ago, “Everything that You Need as a Homeowner” that discussed everything that a homeowner needs or should have. We think it’s a great guide obviously (that’s why we posted it), but we realized just now that one vital element was missing: a home security system.

We wanted to kind of follow-up on that last article and put that out there for our readers, since, after all, what’s the point of having all this stuff and having your home set up perfectly if it’s not properly protected? Besides, in conversations with friends and family, we have been noticing that home security systems are one of the most overlooked things in today’s day and age in homes. We talked to people who live in some sketchy places who haven’t even given a thought to something that could be potentially so important.

So now, let’s talk about why getting a home security system (check out these offers from Envision Security) is of paramount importance, if you don’t have one already.

Law Enforcement Is Busier Than Ever

It’s understood generally that law enforcement can’t be on top of everything, and that they have a response time, which is why a home security system is a great idea even in the best of circumstances. Having one allows for much quicker dispatch. And in these times, where law enforcement is spread more thinly than ever before in some localities, a quicker dispatch is exponentially more important.

Before these systems existed, one had to call over the phone and talk to a dispatcher and give all the pertinent information they would need to send the police over, that is if they decided the case merited sending the police in the first place! People without alarm systems are still in that same boat today, in the middle of 2020!

People Are Crazier Than Ever

It’s no secret that this has been a very, very difficult year for just about 100% of Planet Earth!

Aside from the pandemic we are facing (and partly because of it), we are looking at social and economic issues flaring up all over the map, and people are very stressed out for so many reasons. Also, just having your movements limited has massively affected people at the psychological level.

Right now, crime may be way down worldwide, but that could change, and change easily, at any given moment. And, once again, there have already been minor incidents of looting, especially in marginal or even working-class neighborhoods. This could flare up at any time. Unfortunately, when things get out of hand, there would be a horribly long wait time to get a security system installed. This is definitely a case of the early bird getting the worm.

The bottom line is, getting a home security system is a proactive step you can take to vastly improve potential bad outcomes in the case of a real emergency. We at the Home of Ohm consider it to be a great investment.


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