Ten Tips for Staying Fit During Your Summer Vacation

Summer is the perfect time of year to take a well-deserved vacation. Unfortunately, many of us overindulge while enjoying our fun in the sun — drinking too much alcohol, eating huge meals three times a day, not getting enough sleep, and abandoning our exercise routine. By the time vacation is over, we can feel a little worse-for-wear and have added a few extra pounds to our frame.

If you intend to stay fit during your summer vacation, there are a few key things to incorporate into your schedule that will keep the extra weight at bay. This article will share a few tips for incorporating exercise and healthy eating into your summer vacation while still enjoying yourself.

  1. See the sights on foot or on a bike

If you’re exploring the local area, avoid cars, buses, and trains. Instead, hire a bike with cheap dirt bike helmets or simply walk to your destination. It will be a much more immersive, relaxing experience, and you’ll be able to burn some calories along the way. You’ll also have more control over what you see and do as you travel. If you’re on a bike or by foot, you can easily stop and check out any natural sites, a local cafe, or a local fruit vendor.

  1. Incorporate physical activities into your vacation

Your summer holidays don’t have to always focus on laying next to a pool, eating nachos, and sipping margaritas! You can get out-and-about, try new activities, and make the most of your time on vacation. Hire a boat and row yourself to a local island. Explore the coastline with a stand-up paddle board or by kayak. Take a dance class and become an expert flamenco dancer.  You will have a much more exciting holiday and will also maintain a high level of fitness.

  1. Move instead of sitting

Avoid sitting down for long periods when possible. If you’re waiting for a plane, get up and explore the airport or do some stretches. You will burn more calories and may learn something about the place you’re visiting.

  1. Be vigilant about the foods you’re eating

One common mistake that people on holiday is dramatically changing their diet.  As soon as they arrive at their destination, they begin gorging themselves on buffets, fast food, and unhealthy treats. While you can definitely treat yourself to some delicious foods, avoid going overboard. Here are a few tips for eating well while on holiday:

  • Go to a grocery store to buy fruit, nuts, and other healthy foods. Pack them as snacks, so you have something to eat while on the move
  • Cook a simple meal yourself every now and then
  • Avoid buffets
  • Always choose water and avoid sugary drinks

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  1. Stay hydrated

Remaining hydrated is an important part of staying healthy. Water will help you maintain high levels of energy and help you remain active while on holiday. Drinking plenty of water is especially important if you’re vacationing in a warm climate.

  1. Take supplements if needed

If you’re on vacation far from your home, you may be eating a very different diet that you’re used to. Add the extra indulgences of drinks and big meals and you might feel yourself becoming sluggish and tired a few days into your vacation. Supplements like B12 and fish oil will give you a little extra energy, and brain boosters like nootropics will help keep you on your toes. They’ll help you stay motivated and energized enough to move away from the beach chair and get in a daily workout.

  1. Use the hotel gym

Most large hotels have their own gym located somewhere in the building, so take advantage of it! Keep the standard of the hotel’s gym in mind when choosing an accommodation. You will be much more likely to enjoy the gym if it’s modern and clean.

  1. Use bodyweight exercises to stay fit

Bodyweight exercises are very effective and can be performed virtually anywhere. You don’t need any expensive gym equipment and you can perform quick workouts any time. Some of the most effective bodyweight exercises include pushups, situps, planks, burpees, dips, lunges, glute bridges, and jump squats.

  1. Stay well rested

Make it a goal to sleep while on holiday! Getting plenty of rest will reduce your stress levels and keep you in a good mood. When you’re less stressed, you’re less likely to put on weight and more likely to exercise.

  1. Watch your alcohol intake

Most people love to have a few drinks while on holidays. Unfortunately, those endless margaritas make it easy to overdo it. If you find yourself drinking too much alcohol, you’ll have less energy for activities during the day and you won’t get to explore your holiday destination in full. Excessive alcohol is also a major contributing factor to obesity — it really packs on the pounds! Have fun on your holiday, but don’t make consuming large quantities of alcohol a daily event.

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