The 3 Basic Needs That Bring People To Your Website

It goes without saying that every company needs to have a website. However, in order to build a successful website, you need to understand exactly what want from it. Once you determine exactly what your viewers, readers, or customers want to get out of your website, you can then focus on things like design, as the information on your website also must be easily accessible and user-friendly. After reading these three tips, click here to get more information from us: Visit Website.

1) People Want To Contact You

Small businesses need to make their contact information easy to find. Otherwise, you could lose out on an important sale or transaction. This is easily remedied by placing your contact information – that should be an email address, phone numbers, and addresses – on the bottom of every page of your website. You can also include a “contact us” form on a separate page. You’d be surprised at how many businesses don’t do this. They probably don’t realize how many sales they miss due to this lack of information. Although there aren’t exact statistics available, it goes without saying that many people won’t spend more than a minute or two looking for contact information before seeking out an alternate business.  

2) They Need More Information about Your Expertise

When people hear about a business – whether it’s new or well-established – the first thing that they do is try to find out more information on them. This includes how long they’ve been in business, as well as everything that they know about their specialty. Here’s an example: someone comes across an ad for your business online (in this example, it’s a pet store) while searching for specific details on what to feed a pet cat. They’ll either click on that ad or do a separate search for your business looking for that information. However, before they trust what you’re telling them, they need to know about your company – how long it’s been in business, what types of experts you have running it, and so on. If this information isn’t readily available, you might lose that reader. Then, once they find out that you’re a trustworthy source, they’ll look to see if you can answer their inquiry. While the format does matter here, the most important thing is the information itself.  


3) They Want To Become Customers

People also go to certain websites in order to make purchases. You might run an online store through Shopify or a similar platform, which makes the buying process that much simpler. However, this depends on the type of business that you run, as they might want to purchase a service from you as well. In these cases, your website needs to point these customers or clients directly to your sales pages. The easier it is to make a purchase, the more likely it is that a sale will happen.

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