How to Change E-Liquid Flavours

If you’re considering making the switch from traditional tobacco smoking to vaping, one of the most attractive things about the latter can be the variety of flavours that you can use as your E liquid.

Unlike tobacco cigarettes where you’re stuck with one flavour, you can experiment with a range of tastes such as strawberry, green tea, coffee or even chocolate! Often referred to as a major benefit of vaping, the ability to change e-cigarette flavours truly is a bonus that you can experience when making the switch.

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In this guide, we’ve shared how to change the taste of your e-cig, as well as how you can get the most out of your new vape flavours:

Changing e-juice

Before rushing ahead and filling your vape pen with a new liquid, it’s a good idea to get a basic understanding of how e cigarettes work. In order to get the most out of your new flavours, you may need to clean and dissemble different parts of the e-cig.

1. Empty the tank

The first step you should carry out when changing the flavour of your e-cigarette is emptying the tank. This is the part where flavoured liquids are stored.

If you don’t clean the tank before adding a new E liquid, the bacteria and residue that build up within the compartment may change the taste of your liquid. You can do this by soaking it in cold water.

You may need to refer to your manufacturer’s instructions to find out how to remove or empty the tank of your particular model.

2. Clean the e-cig mouthpiece

After you’ve cleaned the tank, you should do the same with the mouthpiece of your vape pen if you’re switching to a different flavour. This is important because you may struggle to taste the full flavour of the new liquid if residue from the old one is still there.

3. Replace the coil

In order to maximise your new flavour, you should replace the coil at least once a month. This is the part of your e-cig that vaporises the liquids.

If you don’t replace your coil regularly, it could burn-out. The taste, texture and quality of your vapour can also be affected.

When it comes to changing your e-cig coil there is no universal method. There is a wide variety of coil changing options and every atomiser will have its own instructions.

4. Add your new e cig liquid

After your e-cig has been fully cleaned and prepared for a new flavour, it’s time to insert your new liquid!

Begin by slowly dripping the liquid back into the vaping pen and allow time for the flavour to seep properly. You should avoid damaging the ‘centre post’ when refilling your cartridge as this can cause the e-cig to work ineffectively.

As you can see, changing the flavour of your e-cigarette is simple and can be done within a matter of minutes. Now, it’s up to you to begin experimenting and find your favourite flavour!

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