3 Tips For Choosing The Right Solar Panel For Camping

If you want to upgrade your camping experience, there are many innovative devices and gadgets on the market today, and one in particular is taking the camping world by storm. Solar energy has always been there, day in, day out, yet we have only recently learned how to harness this free and renewable energy, and with the latest generation of portable solar mats, all you need to do is roll it out on your windscreen, connect it to your deep cycle battery, and you have all the power you could possibly need. If you are in the market for an eco-friendly alternative to the generator when camping, here are a few things to bear in mind when buying solar camping panels.

1. Fixed or Portable? – There are two types of solar camping panel, one is fixed, which would be attached to the roof of the vehicle, while the other is a mat that can be rolled up, which does make things a lot more convenient. Whichever you choose, having access to solar energy will allow you to visit remote locations and still be able to power the fridge, climate control and other appliances. This level of independence really does give you the freedom of the open road, and with a solar mat, you can instantly set up the system and receive charge from wherever you happen to be.

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2. Solar Cell Quality – Here lies the key to an efficient energy saving system, and like anything else that is man made, the quality of the materials is essential to durability and long life. There are many manufacturers of 12V solar panels, and the quality of the photovoltaic cells will determine how efficiently the system works. There are reputable online suppliers from whom you can purchase portable solar panels for camping, and by choosing a tried and trusted brand, you will enjoy a 5-year warranty. Weighing less than 6kg, the state of the art solar mats available today are easy to store and set up, and with a durable canvas exterior, the mat will withstand the typical stresses and strains of camping in the outback.

3. Accessories – The best solar panels in the world can only deliver as much energy as the cables will allow, and therefore, you should insist on the very best. The online supplier would stock a huge inventory that includes everything you might need, and you should ensure that your deep cycle battery is up to the task. Deep charge doesn’t work with a standard 12V car battery, as it is designed for short bursts of energy to turn over the engine, whereas the deep cycle battery is made for heavy discharge, and if you don’t yet have one of these, it is a must have if you want to explore the potential of solar energy. If you would like a list of essential camping accessories, there are several relevant blogs that might be of some assistance.

The best way to make such a purchase is by using an online supplier, as this will give you the best quality, and at lower than retail prices, you really can’t go wrong.

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