What We’ve Learned About Marketing During Pandemics in 2020

2020 has been quite the bumpy ride. The pandemic has impacted Coronavirus Anxiety and pretty much every aspect of our daily lives and this includes marketing.

We have never really experienced anything like this before, so we have been learning as we go. Luckily, we can take note in case this happens again in the future.

Marketers and marketing agencies around the world have been met with new challenges that they must conquer.

Online Market

We have seen a big shift to online buying, with stores being closed and stay at home orders in place across the country. Online presence should be bigger than ever right now. If your brand has never had a strong online presence, now is the time to change that.

Plan Your Next Move

Just like with any marketing plan, you want to plan your next move. But being prepared is more crucial than before. Changes are coming at you at full speed and you need to find ways to adapt. This does make it hard to fully plan what to do with your marketing strategy, but as long as you’re prepared to adjust, you are in the right direction.

Adjusting to the new normal will take time, but be patient.

Analyze Data

When it comes to planning your marketing strategy, make sure to really analyze helpful data. With things so hard to predict at the moment, we need to be aware of current trends and how they change. You may have to learn as you go but look at data that shows consumer behavior, spending trends, and channel effectiveness.

Things to Remember

As we continue figuring out how to market through this pandemic, we have learned some important things to keep in mind.

  • Use marketing tactics to drive online sales
  • Focus on driving short-term sales
  • Keep your SEO campaign alive
  • Allocate your budget to at home and delivery based options
  • Switch from promoting premium items to much needed everyday items
  • Manage spending areas and be smart with deciding where and how to advertise brand (for example, sports are canceled at the moment, so it is best to not run with a baseball-themed ad campaign at the moment)

Working with a Professional

Are you trying to market your brand during this difficult time? It isn’t an easy task. When all else fails, always turn to the professionals to help like Ivio Agency. They are an exceptional digital marketing agency in Phoenix that can help you create a marketing plan that is right for your brand during this pandemic.

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