Millennial Renting

Times are changing. They always and always will. To be successful in this world, it is imperative that you too can turn worth the times. Millennial today, those whipper-snappers, are very much immersed in their online social media world.

So to better offers and understand one another, especially for your pain on renting out for a long-term we highly recommend that you follow some of these suggestions before renting out to a millennial.

Taking these suggestions to heart will not only help keep communication between you and the new tenants will prove to be valuable, monetarily-wise and headache-wise.

With many statistics and researches showing that millennial are a generation of renters instead of homeowners it is important to understand how to work with them in their living endeavors.


# 1 – Offer Redecoration

Allowing your new potential tenants the possibility to redecorate their new apartment to better compliment their style and character will prove to be a massive plus in garnering more long-term tenants.

# 2 – Allow Pets

Many people love their pets as much as they like their family members. Allowing people to have pets live with them can prove to be most valuable in the extended scheme of things. The room will feel less like an apartment and more of like a comforting home to live in.

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# 3 Communal Outdoor Spaces

Much like a hostel – having a pace where the tenants can all congregate together and converse with one another will make the building feel more like a place where everyone is welcomed.

The building rooms you are renting out will become a place of high demand and will elevate your building from a position of “how much a night” to a place to “I’m willing to pay any amount.”

Hey, that is no hyperbole. Provide a fun atmosphere, and the people will come flocking together.

# 4 – Communicate Via Text Message

This is 2018. Almost everybody has a phone. To better make arrangements and to be sure you will get paid on time it would be best if you could keep contact with your tenants.

Better yet, if you could build an app that will keep your tenants up to date with room prices, reconstruction, organization and upcoming events will be a great way to keep that friendly and hospitable atmosphere.

Final Words

The millennials are very different from our generation and much of their lives today are on their phones and via social media. Being able to provide all the information about the rooms and buildings you are offering through the mobile communication will prove t be most useful.

Understanding what they like and what is in high demand will prove most valuable in the end.


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