Family Travel Made Easy

Travel is something that adults work towards. It’s an escape. A refreshing delve into the unknown. A break from the norm. Perhaps adults place too much pressure on themselves to enjoy their family trips, and that’s why tensions can sometimes flare. Children, on the other hand, are much more easy going – sure, they’ll have about a thousand questions, but their expectations are low. That’s why we’re going to look at family travel made easy, to help make the most of your trip.

First, we just need to cover one thing. With all that is happening with the global situation in relation to COVID-19, you could find that your booking arrangements need to be changed or even cancelled – see this site, for example, for more information on the topic. And now, let’s look at some tips for family travel.

Slow things down

As mentioned above, adults tend to have much higher expectations of their much looked-forward-to time away from the desk. This can mean that the roles switch a little, with adults wanting to cram in lots of activities per day and the children becoming a little agitated with the constant changes of scenery. Instead, make sure you limit yourself to one morning activity, one afternoon activity, and something to do in the evening. Explain the plans to your children and keep them in the loop – this will help to resolve any tensions that can start to show up when children feel rushed or made to take part in things that have come as a surprise to them.

Charged devices can save the day

Sometimes, when we’re travelling, there may be whole hours spent without any solid plans – especially if you’re travelling with the family for one or two weeks (you can’t be expected to have plans for every minute of every day!). This can result in children losing focus and becoming tetchy. You can instantly resolve these issues by taking with you a fully charged tablet (with earphones), pre-loaded with kids’ TV shows, games, and movies. Also, be sure to take along a fully charged portable charger – these devices are relatively inexpensive, and something like a 20 mAh charger can hold multiple charges.

Try to get a room with a bathtub

Children tend to dislike showers. Nobody knows why. But they prefer baths. Plus, bathing your child is much easier, and gives you time to stop and talk and unwind. Not only this, but choosing a room with a bathtub has another hidden advantage – doing your own laundry. Speaking as someone who once stayed in an Italian one bed hotel room for a whole week with only a small shower and a small sink, you will thank yourself for choosing a room with a bathtub. Sure, finding somewhere to hang your washing may be a little problematic (the back of the chair can only hold so much!), but you’d rather have your favourite jeans cleaned and ready to go again than have to wear something else because of a spillage.

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