How A Small Sailing Yacht Delivers Better Family Life

How A Buying Small Yacht Could Improve Your Family Life

You’ve jetted out to Disney World Florida, rented a villa on the French Riviera and stayed at a 5-Star in Dubai, all in a bid to spend some relaxing, quality time with your family. However, now you are on the hunt for something totally different – a vacation which will bring everyone together in a way that previous holidays haven’t. That’s not an easy task, but luckily we have the ideal destination – one that changes every day and allows you to enjoy new bonding experiences at each step of the way. Where else but on your very own small sailing yacht?

How a small sailing yacht could bring your family closer together

When children are little, often all they require for a happy family holiday is a volume of water and a stretch of sand, with a bucket and spade thrown in for good measure. And if the kids are happy then we’re happy, right? But as they grow up, their ideas of fun change and an idyllic vacation on a golden beach can quickly turn into your teenagers spending all day on their phones trying to get the best Instagram pic.

However, a family sailing yacht vacation will bond you together in a way that you would never have thought possible, offering a chance to spend more time together in close proximity, teach each other new skills, take a break from screens and gain a new appreciation for each other’s hobbies and interests. Whilst we are sure that the kids will come back from their vacation buzzing with all the incredible things that have seen and done off the bow of the boat, the whole family will have benefited from the quality time spent aboard.

Yachts come in all shapes and sizes, but you will find most opportunity for bonding on a small sailing yacht in the 50 to 60ft category, like Oyster Yacht’s 59.3 ft Oyster 565, upon which you can set off wherever you wish to go without a crew at the drop of a hat, making it one big family adventure. The Oyster 565 has been especially designed for couples and families to sail safely wherever they wish, offering layouts and configurations to suit every style of sailor.

family sailing yacht Bring your family closer

Here are four reasons to sail with your family this summer:

1. A holiday on board a sailboat offers the chance for families to embark on an adventure together. Especially if you are on a smaller sailing yacht which does not require crew; this adventure will require teamwork, communication and leadership, all skills that encourage bonding. And whilst sharing the same space for long periods of time can sometimes be a challenge, it can also bring families closer together. Eating every meal together will mean really getting to know each other, while evenings can be spent laughing together, enjoying rounds of cards or board games or diving off the swim deck.

2. The art of sailing is a great skill to have, and one that will never leave you. So why not embark on a hobby with those you love and pass on this wonderful passion from generation to generation? Your kids will thank you for sharing such an exhilarating pastime, which they can then pass on to their friends and partners.

3. When you are cruising on your family sailboat in the big blue ocean, there is often little inclination to spend hours on Snapchat or play endless games of Fortnite, with kids much more engaged with the great outdoors. It is also far from the mind’s of adults to constantly check in with the office and send emails that can quite frankly wait until your return from vacation. Switching off from your screens will be of enormous benefit to the health and sanity of the whole family.

4. Spending time on your family cruising sailboat will enable you to indulge the wishes and expectations of every family member as you can be so flexible. If your wife wishes to spend the day in a remote cove reading her book one day, and your son wants to Jet Ski in a busy city beach the next – it’s all possible. Everyone can have their way some of the time, but you will also gain appreciation and respect for the activities that your other family members pick, learning to love what they love and ultimately bringing you closer together.

If you invest in your own family sailboat the world really is your Oyster. And when the topic of holidays comes up next year, all you have to decide is where to point your sails. Dial up the family bonding and get ready for a lifetime of adventures with a small sailing yacht.

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