Staying Safe During Winter Travels

It’s that time of year again. Many of us are gearing up for those December vacations.

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Whether you go by plane, train, automobile, dog sled, camel, or some mix of all of these, it’s important to travel safely and do everything in your power to get where you are going and back in the best and most secure way. Slater and Gordon lawyers can help you in the event of a personal injury, but they would rather you stay safe, which is why both of us have teamed up this December on the #seasonaltravels initiative, in order to raise awareness and avoid unnecessary travel accidents this season.

Here are some points in favor of having a happy and safe holiday season this 2017:


Check Conditions Beforehand:

It’s incredible the peace of mind this little bit of research can give you when done properly, and it’s also incredible how easily this small step is overlooked.


Proper research includes things like checking for construction or recent accidents on your planned route before hitting the road, and possibly checking alternative routes. It also includes checking the weather for possible dangerous conditions, including the famous black ice. It has been said before that fortune favors the prepared mind.


If travelling by air, it’s still a good idea to make sure you check conditions well before leaving, because it’s important to get to the airport on time, also it’s a good idea to check for any delays or cancellations.


Research Your Destination:

If you’re going somewhere out of country, it helps to be prepared in this area as well. Plan well ahead of time how you’re going to get around i.e. check the availability of services like Uber, which is of course, a boon for all travellers in this day and age. If it’s not available, decide beforehand how you’re going to get around and research it.


Common Sense With The Nightlife:

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If you’re planning on going out to bars and clubs in a foreign destination, remember the simple stuff. This is stuff you should be doing anyway at all times everywhere, but it bears repeating for vacationers, who often let their guard down a bit too much:

-Don’t ever drink a drink you’ve walked away from

-Go out at night in groups

-Control your drinking in public places. Drunk people are targets.

-Take secure transportation from a nightlife spot. This means rideshare or a registered taxi. Many countries have unofficial taxis, this represents a much greater risk. Avoid at all costs.

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