Five High-Fashion Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe So That You Too Can Look Like a Model Straight Off the Runway in Milan

We all know that models just seem to have that natural ability to look fashionable, trendy, and put-together at all times. Even when they aren’t on the runway in the middle of a show, they still ooze that same sort of style and sophistication. If you’d like to inject a bit of this high-end model fashion into your own wardrobe and lifestyle, there are some really simple pieces you can start with. In fact, often it comes down to the accessories and how you pair them with your clothing that will give you that model-esque look.

Here’s a look at five high-end fashion pieces that you can pick up, that will help you achieve the fresh off the runway in Milan, Paris, or New York City look.

High End Designer Sneakers

One of the trendiest items that models are known to wear is designer sneakers. Sure, they may not strut around in heels off the runway, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still give a nod to their favorite designers. High end sneakers are able to elevate any outfit to the next level, and give it that touch of fashion and sophistication. 

The Balenciaga sneakers at SSENSE are a great example. Balenciaga has long-since been a popular designer for models to sport even off the runway, and sneakers are often their footwear of choice. SSENSE features a wide selection of Balenciaga sneakers in various colors and styles so you’re bound to find that perfect pair.

The Classic Moto Jacket

Another staple item in just about any fashion model’s personal wardrobe is a great little moto jacket. Whether you opt for leather, or any other fabric, it’s about the cut and style of the jacket. Moto jackets are cut quite slim, sitting close to the body without extra bulk. Because of that, they can help give you shape and definition, and work with a wide variety of outfits. You can go with classic black or shake things up with a bold color instead.

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Perfectly Fitting Designer Denim

Denim is another fashion staple for models, but there’s a catch; it needs to be the perfect fit. Don’t worry so much about what styles and washes are currently trending, instead pick a cut that flatters you and your body shape and focus on fit. A great fitting pair of designer jeans will instantly look fashionable.

A Structured Blazer

Of course, structured blazers are another must have, because as their name implies, they can add structure to any outfit. Not only that, they can also elevate the outfit and turn it into something a bit more classy, formal, and dressy.

The Ultimate Designer White T-Shirt

No model’s wardrobe is complete without the ultimate designer white t-shirt – the type that has a classic design that will never go out of style. You can just as easily pair a white t-shirt with denim, a cute skirt, and even dress pants. 

You’ve Got the Model Look

By stocking your wardrobe with these must-have pieces, you’ll look like a model straight off the runway yourself. Just make sure you have the right shoes on as they finish off your look, if you are unsure on what shoes may be best for your outfit, check out

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