Helicopter Tour Safety Tips

A helicopter tour is the experience of a lifetime.  Not only is it adventurous and thrilling, but it’s a unique way to view beautiful attractions like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Without the clutter and chaos of the city life, you can thoroughly appreciate the beauty and serenity of the parks, white sand beaches, and deep blue of the Pacific Ocean. However before you hop in the helicopter, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with a few safety precautions during the tour. Here are the basic ones:

  • Listen to your pilot – Before the tour begins, the pilot will brief you on what’s expected of you, such as when to enter or exit the helicopter. He’ll also include where you can stow your belongings and when you need to wear your seatbelt versus when you can move around freely to explore.
  • Secure your personal belongings carefully. Keep light items with you as they can blow away very quickly, especially as you are on the walkway nearing the helicopter.
  • Observe the helicopter’s rotors and approach carefully. If you see they are turning on or are already going, then be sure to approach from the front. This keeps you in the pilot’s clear eyesight.  It’s best to approach a helicopter from the right or left side of the front as that is the pilot’s best view of you. Be sure to crouch down low as you reach the helicopter as it leaves extra space between you and the rotors, preventing injury.


  • Don’t stress about motion sickness. Professional pilots do all they can to avoid turbulence with state-of-the-art helicopter blades and other equipment. However, if you get motion sickness on roller coasters and other airplane trips, consider packing some Airborne pills or other motion sickness medicine in your purse.
  • Choose your attire with care. Wear darker clothing if you plan to take photos. Wearing darker colours and staying still as much as possible minimizes reflection glare from the window. Avoid wearing earrings as you’ll be wearing noise-cancelling headaches and they’ll get in the way. Consider bringing a light jacket if the door will be open during part of the flight or if you’ll be outside during cool season.
  • Exit the helicopter carefully. When it is time to leave the helicopter, follow the pilot’s instructions, and leave the aircraft slowly and without any sudden jerky movements.

You don’t really need to worry though. There are helicopter flights to Hunter Valley that can provide you all the needed safety equipment, such as life jackets, which are required by the Civil Aviation Law if you travel over water. They will also make sure that you’re comfortably secure in your seatbelts and that you have your Bose noise-cancelling head-phones to block out loud grating sounds of the engine.

Before you know it, you’ll be up in the air experiencing the sights, so all you need to do, is relax, and take as many pictures as you want.

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