How To Become A Lifestyle Blogger

Blogs receive a large percentage of traffic on the internet. For this reason, entrepreneurs all over the world are starting blogs to make money. More specifically, entrepreneurs are starting lifestyle blogs that provide information on multiple topics. Whether you’re a new parent looking for a remote work opportunity or an individual passionate about building a career helping people live healthier lifestyles, there’s no doubt that blogging can help achieve your goals. 

Lifestyle blogs provide entrepreneurs with a lot more freedom than other brick and mortar business ventures. If you want to enjoy your job and still earn a living, read this post to learn how to become a lifestyle blogger.  

Choose A Lifestyle POV

To begin your career as a lifestyle blogger, you need to choose a point of view (POV). Most bloggers’ first step in launching their blogs is to choose a niche. However, lifestyle blogs are significantly less specific than other types of blogs. Instead of focusing on one niche like food or travel, they can offer posts on a variety of topics. They still create a sense of specificity by taking on a particular point of view. For instance, many lifestyle bloggers take the “mommy approach” and write about different topics like food, travel experiences and family from the POV of a mother. Think about how you live your life so that you can choose a POV of your own. Then, you can become a successful lifestyle blogger that differs from every other blogger on the web. 

Pick A Name

After you choose a lifestyle POV, pick a name for your blog. This is one of the most crucial steps. Some entrepreneurs choose blog names that get them nowhere. Others come up with award-winning lifestyle blog names that yield high profits. The key to achieving the latter is to choose a name that is easy to read and easy to remember. Keep it short and to the point. At the same time, it needs to be relevant to the POV you chose. If you want to write from the point of view of a vegan, you need to come up with a name that portrays your plant-based lifestyle. If you choose a name that screams “dog mom”, you will not necessarily attract the vegan audience that you want to target. Select a relevant, easy to remember name so that you can drive traffic to your new site.

Set Up Your Blog

Additionally, you need to set your lifestyle blog up. This process is much more technical than the previous steps, but it does not have to be complicated. You will first need to purchase your domain name, which should be the same as your blog name. Then, select a hosting provider. Look through each hosting provider’s package options to ensure that you do not overspend. Furthermore, search for essential features like 99.9% uptime and good customer support. If you find the top hosting provider, you will succeed in setting up your blog using their quick WordPress installation tools and customer support assistance. 

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Establish Categories

Once you have your blog set up online, establish categories for it. This step makes finding specific posts easy for your future viewers. With this being said, you need to choose clear names for your categories in order to make your site more convenient. The most successful lifestyle blogs use keywords for category names. You can include a fitness category where viewers can find information on fitness equipment and workouts. Another popular category title is travel. There, viewers can read about the blogger’s travel experiences. 

The most profitable bloggers also stay consistent throughout their category names. They should all either be capitalized or lowercase. Try to keep them around the same length as well. Then, you will simplify the search process for viewers and design an organized lifestyle blog. 

Don’t Forget Social Media

Although your primary platform might be a blogging CMS like WordPress, all lifestyle bloggers should be active on social media platforms. Being active on networks like Instagram allow you to capitalize on mobile audiences that prefer the visual, photo-heavy content it affords. For this medium, think about how you can give each blog post is a visual boost. For example, if you want to showcase Hunter Douglas vertical blinds in a post about boosting your patio’s visual appeal, dress up the scene for the photo. Add plants, decor, and personal items that show off who you are. Check out other lifestyle bloggers’ social media to give you examples of how others are achieving this.  

Choose A Writing Style

Finally, choose a writing style for your lifestyle blog. To make your decision, consider your personal writing preference and your target readers’ attention spans. You need to select a writing style that you are comfortable writing in. Your posts should portray your personality. They should all stay around the same length so that your viewers know what to expect. 

To determine the right length, you need to think about your writing abilities. Do not set a word count for yourself that will leave you adding meaningless sentences. At the same time, you need to keep your audience in mind and avoid writing posts that are way too long or way too short. Consumers want a decent amount of information, but they might not have time to read 3-page posts regularly. Select a writing style for your lifestyle blog that you can stick to.

Lifestyle bloggers earn large profits when they launch their blogs properly. In order to join the trend and become a lifestyle blogger, you need to choose a point of view to take. Then, come up with a name that is both intriguing and easy to remember. Set up your blog by registering your domain name and finding an affordable hosting package. Establish categories for your newly set up blog by researching keywords. Lastly, select a writing style that portrays your personality and is a good length for your target audience. If you follow these steps, you will become a successful lifestyle blogger. 

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