Why Self-Care is Important for a Parent

As a parent, our priorities are pretty predictable. Nothing in this word matters more than our children. And we try our hardest to provide them with the absolute best of what we can afford and the time we can spare while the coronavirus continues to spread.

That stays true no matter if we have to work multiple jobs, put our own pleasures on the shelf, or simply dedicate our lives to our kids.

But more often than not, that approach could actually end up hurting our kids more than it protects them. Especially given that these days while our kids are not able to attend school because of Covid-19.

And despite a myriad of explanations, parents often don’t seem to understand how taking care of themselves could actually benefit their family.

But one analogy seems to be working very well at making parents understand the importance of self-care.

Parents are to a Family What a Leader is to a Company

According to experts, comparing parents to a company’s leader or an army’s general is often the analogy that outlines the gravity of self-care to them.

Think of it this way.

If a leader of a company is dedicated to taking care of their employees but pays no attention to their own sleep, diet or health, then the effects could be detrimental for the leader’s health.

It could be very apparent to the rest of the company. And more often than not, the signs of the leader’s fallen morale become evident enough to affect the employees.

It isn’t long before the lack of care starts affecting the leader to the point where they can’t function properly. As a result, this starts affecting the business’ operations and its income. From there, it doesn’t take much before things fall apart.

Not a very good picture, is it?

Now think of it from this perspective: Parents are to a family what leaders are to a company. If they don’t take care of themselves, then the family they are responsible for could get affected negatively.

That is why, more and more experts have been coming out in advocating the importance of self-care for parents.

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How You Can Practice Self-care as a Parent

Practicing self-care as a parent does not require you to spend thousands of dollars or take a long vacation by yourself. It could come in the form of small actions that actually translate to more profound results.

Avoid A Smoke or Two During and After the Pandemic

If smoking tobacco is something that makes you happy, then you could very well do so at the expense of your health. It’s not ideal to indulge in the activity, whether you like to consume it through vaping or cigarettes. It has been shown to be bad for your health, your children’s, and even worse with Covid-19.

Hang Out with Friends

Family life could make it difficult to hang out with your friends. Any conversations with the people you once held dear could become more and more sporadic. And over time, it may feel like you are losing your friends to the test of time.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. By taking the time to reconnect with old friends, you could ensure to meet your need for social activities that don’t involve playdates with toddlers.

Take a Day Off for Yourself

Parenting is a full-time job in its own. And it gets even more grueling when you are working outside of home to provide for your family.

Make sure that you “take a day off” from your responsibilities and enjoy relaxing activities that bring out the joy in you. This could be as simple as watching a movie, or going out to the mall for personal shopping. Just do whatever you would on a typical day off from work, and you would be able to have a great time by yourself.

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