How to Make the Most of Your Garden During A Pandemic

Spring is almost here and it is usually the perfect time for me to get in to some home renovation before the sweltering summer hits. I want to get ahead of the game by starting in early March because I know that it can be difficult if I try to get started a bit later. Not to mention a pandemic that seems to get worse by the day.

I have been looking at a lot of DIY ways people utilize spaces in their house from building pools that you wouldn’t believe could be built in the before pictures, to outdoor theatres. I found myself looking at my yard and realized there is something functional that I could do with it.

What did I decide to do during the beginning of this Coronavirus pandemic?

I decided to build a shed but also surround it with a charming little garden so the shed doesn’t look like a plain storage space, or an abandoned tool house from a scary movie. Here are some of the top ways you can make the most of your yard along with the cost of building a garden shed while embarking on your project.

One of the factors that we must think about these days is about costs and how our projects could affect our bottomline. That is why I’m not sacrificing my creativity but I am making sure to stay within the bounds of my budget while I am stuck at home with a lot of time while the coronavirus runs amok.

The Easiest DIY Shed

Depending on the space that you have to work with, let’s start with the smallest shed you could build by yourself. A shed is part of remodel as it is part of the parcel of property that you call your own. A small one that you can make (which is 4 feet tall and only 2 feet wide) costs around $450. The design is very much like a wardrobe and enough for you to store outdoor essentials.

The best thing about constructing this shed is that it is really simple and therefore you may not need many tools for it. All you have to do is assemble parts with a screwdriver. This is perfect if you want your shed to be more like a safe as there are no windows in this one and therefore nobody can peak.

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A Barn Like Shed

I went for a barn like shed or a gambrel shed. I planned it to get waterproofed and bought a plan that measured 10 ft by 14 ft. It cost me a little less than $2000. The gambrel shed lets me save money on the flooring while maintaining the aesthetic of it.

I have decided to use it for the kids play area. Did I mention that I have a shelf that I use for keeping the garden hose and other paraphernalia that isn’t hazardous to children?

The Common Shed

The most common shed design that we go for is the leaning shed design. This was what I would have probably gone for first. It is excellent for doubling as an office or creative space for freelancers. They are traditionally meant for storing electrical equipment and tools, but it is not necessary.

You can make one of these with a kit. A shed that is between 8 ft by 4 ft you will pay $700 for it. For more functionality such as double doors you may end up paying $1000. A house-like shed that is 12 ft by 24 ft in size can cost $7000.

That is why you will want to make sure that you are paying attention to these different aspects before you invest heavily in the project.

Have fun outdoors (at home) and stay safe during the pandemic.

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