The Perfect Plants for a British Garden

So, you’re ready to beautify your garden with new plants, but aren’t sure where to go from here; we can help. Deciding on the best flowers for your garden can be a challenging process. You need to know which plants will grow best in the environment you can provide for them. For example, you wouldn’t want to try to grow oranges in England, it’d be too cold. You have to find the perfect plants for your environment, soil, and that you can care for. There is a myriad of ways to figure this information out whether it’s paying a visit to the Shrewsbury Flower Show to view the vast selection or just doing your research online. Either way, you don’t want to attempt to plant anything that won’t be able to survive in your environment.


This beautiful little rose is a tough plan that comes back each year and is resistant to many diseases. It’s easy up-keep and delicate beauty make the perfect touch of light color to any British garden. If you have a pond, like the ones offered by Oase, then these roses really stand out.

Hidcote Blue

Native to England, this beautiful flower provides a nice pop of color to any hedge or bush. It’s especially popular to place Hidcote Blue beside your door so you can take full advantage of its magical aroma. This flower thrives in sunny places and should be trimmed back in April.

Bowles’s Mauve

This vibrant purple flower will definitely add a beautiful pop of color to your garden. It blooms from winter to summer and is surprisingly easy to maintain. If you’re wanting to brighten up your garden with minimal effort, this is the flower for you.

White Bedder


If a pop of color isn’t for you and you’d prefer a white flower, the White Bedder is a beautiful and simple, elegant flower. It’s easy to maintain and, as long as you can prevent frost damage, will blossom through to the end of the season. This flower is great for a more elegant touch to your garden.


Blossoming in early and midsummer, this beautiful flower adds a calming touch of a bluish-purple color to your garden. They’re easy to maintain and can grow in full sun or part shade.


Coralbells are a spring and early summer blooming flower that comes in pink, red, and white. They attract humming birds and thrive in partially shady areas. They grow up to three feet tall and add a nice, simple touch of color without being too large of a flower.



Delphiniums come in purple, blue, pink, and white. The plant shape resembles that of coralbells, but delphiniums have a fuller looking bloom than coralbells. They add a regal pop of color to any and all gardens. They can grow anywhere between one and six feet tall, with the taller ones needing staking to keep them from being damaged by harsh winds. They thrive in areas with full sun or partially shady areas.

If you’re still uncertain as to what flowers would look best in your British garden, pay a visit to Shrewsbury, especially the Shrewsbury Flower Show. Here, you will be able to see these beautiful flowers in person and judge for yourself which will look best for your home or business. You can even better compare the look and the upkeep of the flowers side by side to make the best decision for you.

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