Traveling on a Budget

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Traveling on a budget is everybody’s worry at some point. Who said it’s entirely impossible to do so? Going on a pocket-friendly vacation seems like a challenge but what if I told you there’s a way around it? Yes, some simple hacks that could save you a great deal.

How to Travel on a Budget

1.    Consider off-peak seasons

Every travel destination has its unique peak season. Some places will be around May to August, other September to December and such.

Research on where you intend to go on vacation and know their peak travel time. It could be Asia, Europe or any other place.

Find when it’s off-peak season and take that chance to tour. In most places, prices tend to go up higher twice or even thrice the standard rate during high season.

The benefit of off-peak is that prices are low and you are more likely to get great places at discounted costs.

2.    Booking in advance

One thing’s for sure; if you booked an air ticket today scheduled for tomorrow, it would be more expensive than if you booked two months prior. Be sure to book early enough so that you can cut down the cost.

As you book flights, clear your browser cookies and use an incognito window when searching for flights. The idea behind this is that websites have a way of picking up what prices you have been quoted for in the past which may end up in you paying more than expected.

Hotels are also another secret to saving. Negotiating before your travel could see you get an insanely cheap deal.

3.    Sign up for travel credit cards

Most of the credit cards that offer travelrewards use a point-based system. This is a way of consumers to earn bonuses. Among the incentives, the consumers get free airline tickets, rental cars or even hotel stays.

Some of these credit cards offer miles which apply to airline tickets. There are certain services aimed at this which could be for every purchase consumers make at specific stores. 

You can redeem your accumulated points and miles which could end up paying for your flight tickets. Be on the look out for such credit cards and understand every single term and condition before applying for one.

4.    Have a budget for the vacation

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Vacation needs some plan. The plan involves saving up before the travel date. Monthly savings towards your travel kitty could go a long way in ensuring that you don’t get into debt and saves you the agony of having to over spend because you already set a budget for it.

Saving may involve opening a saving or checking account to keep your savings until your vacation. Different banks have different account options. Check this BBVA compass reviewas one of the many options on which account suits you.  

A budget keeps you on your toes even when on vacation as you’ll work with the cash you have. You can save like six months or even one year in advance.

5.    Hotel room vs. home rental

Are you traveling with your family or solo? Renting a hotel room sounds convenient especially because meals are cooked foryou. However, some hotels may often have hidden charges such phones charges which makes your stay more expensive. If you must stay in a hotel room, ask to know about all the costs involved.

On the other side, thankfully sites such as Airbnb have been lifesavers. It’s as easy as a click away to get your preferred home rental. You could be comfortable staying with the hosts or getting your one or two bedroom house.

Renting a house is more convenient especially if it’s a family vacation. You just rent a house that you can all fit, compared to getting multiple hotel rooms.

6.    Be flexible

This is quite important; don’t be fixated to your plans. Be able to drop your plans to switch up things even at the last minute.

Things change, and you find that a particular hotel has a discount on offer slightly a week after your travel date. Beflexible to change so that you can take advantage of the opportunity.

7.    Chat with fellow travelers

What better method other than talking to people who have traveled on a budget? Join forums of such groups of people and get tohear their experiences. Get articles that discuss saving during travel and gainsome insights there.

At times, you may even find people on forums who leave where you plan to go on vacation. They may end up housing you or recommending some budget-friendly places.

Traveling on a budget should be everybody’s aim. Nobody wants to come back broke and to figure out how to survive in the comingmonths because they are in debt.

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