The Inside Track on Getting a Hotel Upgrade

Everyone likes to get something for free, and being offered a hotel upgrade when you arrive is always a great start to your vacation, but how do you improve your chances of getting an upgrade more regularly?

Here are some useful tips on how to consistently get the star treatment when you arrive to check in at a hotel.

No magic formula

The first thing to say is that there is no particular trick or tactic that works every time, or we would all be using it.

Although snagging a free hotel upgrade is not an exact science there are definitely a few maneuvers and procedures that you can try to see if you get a positive response.

For example, newly opened hotels can be a good source of upgrades as they may well be keen to try and build up a customer base by treating new customers to an upgrade so that they come back again next time they want to book a hotel in the area.

Brand loyalty can work wonders

Most established hotel brands tend to have some form of loyalty and rewards program running that they encourage you to sign up to.

Rather than searching around for new hotels wanting to win your business, the flip side of that is to try and use a brand of hotel that you like as regularly as possible so that they can reward your loyalty with perks like an upgrade.

A stay at the Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa, for instance, could allow you to build up a profile that gets recognized and rewarded with an upgrade when you check in at another hotel run under the same brand.

Always make your brand loyalty known at the front desk and flash any card that you have so they have the opportunity to see if they can offer you an upgrade.

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Pick the option to cancel

If you book at prepaid rates the hotel already knows that they have your custom in the bag and that means that there is little incentive in keeping you sweet with an upgrade.

If you book a room where you have the option to cancel right up to the last minute this does seem to encourage some hotels to give you better treatment by giving you a bigger or better room.

Make the most of social media

Many hotels are keen to maintain a great social media profile and they love feedback from customers about their experiences.

If you find the hotel’s Twitter account or Facebook profile you could try posting how much you are looking forward to staying there.

If they are on the ball and notice your post you might get a response and they could look out for you when you check in.

Another good tactic is to send an email to the General Manager at the hotel and let them know if there is a particular reason why you are staying with them. This might prompt an offer of an upgrade.

Dressing nicely, being polite, and asking to see more rooms rather than the one offered, are also actions that could see the hotel offering you an upgrade.

If you do some of these things each time you arrange a hotel stay you will be increasing your chances of enjoying that special moment when you are offered a free upgrade.

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