The Breakdown You Need on Securing Low Cost Airport Parking

When it comes to booking in your car for airport parking, so often it can end up being a last minute job. It’s the last thing on many of our minds when we’re organising our holiday or trip away  and ends up falling to the bottom of our list of things to do. But leaving it to the last minute can be detrimental to your wallet. Don’t get bogged down by high prices or confused by the different types of parking available and pay for more than you bargained for. Simply follow our handy guide to airport parking.

When Do You Choose Short or Long Stay

It may sound simple, but in the haste to book wires can get crossed and tangled. Choosing between short and long stay parking simply comes down to how long you want your space for and, in turn, where you car will need to be parked. If you’re only going to be away for a few days, you’ll likely fall into the short stay parking bracket. This is usually a maximum of 3 days. Short stay parking also usually means your parking spot is very close to the terminal entrance.

For long stays, over 3 days and usually exceeding no more than 15 days, the parking spot may be placed further away from the terminal on the airport site. This distance can be anywhere from a short walk to using one of the free shuttle buses going to and from the airport.

The Difference Between On Site & Off Site Parking

The biggest price brackets in terms of airport parking can come down to something as simple as whether you choose on site or off site parking. Put simply, parking spots on site are made as official bookings with the airport and are usually more steeply priced due to the convenience in proximity to the airport. With on site parking you can choose lots of different packages, including short and long stay parking.

Off site parking are privately owned companies with sites in the surrounding areas of the airport. Generally you’ll find this to be a cheaper spot to park, especially when using comparative widget tools. Get cheap airport parking through Parking at Airports and save up to 72% on your booking. Although not an easy stroll from car to airport, off site parking companies offer regular buses that will take you and your luggage to the terminal, as well as picking you back up upon your return.

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What VIP Parking Packages Are Available?

If you decide on site parking is for you, there are other package options from airport to airport if you’re looking to pay more for a touch of luxury. Want your car to be close to the terminal so you can slip behind the wheel and head home after a long flight? Long Stay Premium packages mean you get all the security of regular long stay parking, but your parking spot will be considerably closer to the terminal.

Many airports also offer meet and greet/valet services. This allows you to drive straight up to the entrance to the airport, unload your suitcases and have your car parked for you. They’ll also be ready for you when you come home, too. Simply hand over your keys and start your holiday right then and there.

You can also benefit from hotel and parking packages. This allows you a place to stay especially for those crack of dawn type flights. Pull up at your hotel and park your car. You can then get taken to the airport in time for check-in and leave your car in their secure car park. This allows you to find some amazing deals by booking both your hotel and parking in one go, and avoids an even earlier start driving from home to the airport.

With all that information under your belt, you’re equipped to make the best decision for your airport parking. Tick off the package that suits you in terms of both your budget and your convenience. And if you’re feeling a bit flush, why not enjoy one of the more premium services and really kick your trip off to the best start?

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